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The Stafford Stitch started with a conversation around the Thanksgiving table. Aaron Hawks raised the idea of (finally!) acting on his desire to launch a top-quality embroidery company. His sister, Heather, and their mom, Debbie Stafford, asked how they could help—and a family business was born.

From his experience in the tourism and hospitality fields, Aaron knew first-hand how difficult it was to find a company that provided quality embroidered apparel and excellent customer service. If he was frustrated as a customer, he knew others were too. From the beginning, the family set out to make The Stafford Stitch a one-stop solution for companies that were looking for superb embroidery within a customer-centered atmosphere.

Today, The Stafford Stitch is made up of highly trained machine embroiderers whose above-and-beyond approach to service is evident from the very first phone call. Whether they’re working with local organizations around the company’s Summerfield, N.C., home base or with an international corporation, their goal is to earn a customer for life through the highest levels of quality and service every time.